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CASE STUDY: Website Redesign

Who was the client?

WANdisco is a B2B technology company with just over 100 employees and $10M in revenue in 2020.


WANdisco's current website was outdated in it's look and feel and was missing key modern functionality of newer websites. The site structure also did not support the journey of every persona and therefore site experience and conversion suffered. They needed new messaging, an expanded color palette and new brand, better navigation experience, and updated layout and design.


After an in-depth audit of the current site and gap analysis to current website best practices and that of WANdisco's peers, Optimax project managed and executed the entire redesign of the site: including a new look and feel, updated messaging and brand design for the homepage, rearchitected site structure following SEO best practice, new navigation bar functionality, and front end development - all in 2 months!


Goal Completions:


1,136 vs 1,070

Conversion Rate:


1.49% vs 0.78%

Form Submissions:


1,116 vs 790

Old Site

New Site

WANdisco website - new.png

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