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Technology stack design and implementation

Build a best-in-class tech stack, in record time.

Financial Report

Companies that are not leveraging the latest marketing and sales technology are at a disadvantage. But choosing the wrong tool or incorrectly implementing the right tool can often be worse than having no tool at all.

Tech Stack Assessment

Find the right tool, at the right time.

With more than 7,000 MarTech vendors out there, how do you know where to get the biggest bang for your buck? Get it right the first time with Optimax. Our proprietary assessment will tell you exactly where to invest to achieve your objectives and gain a competitive advantage — and we'll also implement what we recommend.

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Implement technology correctly the first time.

Our complete assessment is followed-up with a short, medium and long-term technology investment strategy. We also help with procurement - including negotiating contract terms and pricing. We then plan system implementation and integration phases as well as a roll out plan, training and documentation to your internal teams.

Systems include:

  • Marketing automation platforms

  • Customer Relationship Management tools

  • Sales automation platforms

  • Sales intelligence tools

  • ABM platforms

  • Lead routing

  • 3rd party Data Providers

  • and much more...

Talk to an expert.

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