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A.L.I.G.N. Revenue Engine

Not able to track your leads all the way through the funnel?

Sick of a tech stack full of tools that don't talk to each other?

Can't see what marketing campaigns are working and not working?

Read below to find out more:

How the A.L.I.G.N. Revenue Engine™ can help:

This 5-step process is based on how HIGH PERFORMING revenue teams maximize revenue without pouring extra money into endless ads, events, and sales reps, by automating their funnel process, tech stack, and analytics.


Lead Funnel Automation

Audit Your Environment

A complete strategy plan to up-level your lead funnel process, technology systems, and reporting based on in-depth and hands-on analysis. You gain clarity on the specific issues in your lead-to-revenue process and automation, tech stack integration, and analytics along with detailed steps to resolve them. Our experts can implement, or you DIY.

Why it matters

  • Discover root causes of current issues

  • Avoid mistakes with an expert-level blueprint based on best practice

  • Remove guesswork by properly scoping the implementation

Lead Funnel Automation

Define, extend, and automate your lead-to-revenue process and underlying tech stack: lead and opportunity stages, hand-offs, acceptance/rejection process, lead scoring, lead routing, and more. Automate the process across CRM, Marketing Automation, Data Enrichment, and Sales Automation platforms.

Why it matters

  • Be confident no leads are falling through the cracks

  • Start generating funnel data you can trust based on a standardized, consistent process

  • Increase productivity and stop cleaning data after the fact by optimizing your tech stack

Intelligent Goal Setting

Intelligent Goal Setting

You can't know if a marketing channel is underperforming unless you know the expected performance. That's where data-driven marketing lead goals come in. Start with marketing's contribution to sales targets and reverse engineer lead goals for every stage, for each week of the year, based on volume, velocity, conversion rates, deal size, and more.

Why it matters

  • Get an early indicator of underperforming channels in time to adjust

  • Set targets based on revenue and speed up buy-in from the CFO and CRO

  • Stop missing marketing targets due to bad math

Generate Turnkey Reporting

Generate Turnkey Reporting

Aggregate data from all of your marketing platforms into one view of your buyer's journey across all channels. Top level marketing reports and metrics are consolidated and arranged in a single page so that the information can be monitored at a glance. Have confidence you're tracking the right metrics to get the best performance.

Why it matters

  • A turnkey solution means faster speed to insight

  • Single source of truth eliminates arguing over data

  • One automated dashboard saves time searching multiple reports or manual upkeep of spreadsheets

Non-stop Optimization

Drowning in your data lake? As a busy marketer, you do not have the hours it takes to dig into mountains of data on a daily or even weekly basis to identify what is and isn't working and why, even with the help of turnkey reporting. We keep dashboards up to date with new business processes but also walk you through  regular performance analysis and optimization recommendations. You implement and watch the revenue increase.

Why it matters

  • Get time back for core marketing activities instead of spending hours and days in the data

  • Stop wasting money on programs that don’t work

  • Increase marketing ROI by scaling campaigns and channels that work 

Non-stop Optimization

“If you're looking for an excellent Sales and Marketing operations leader, check out Optimax. I've worked with them on two marketing transformations. They are BI experts.
A real purple squirrel.”

— Van Diamandakis, CMO


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