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Go-to-market planning

Develop a blueprint to drive revenue based on data, not guesswork.

Data on a Touch Pad

All great go-to-market initiatives start with the right planning. Redefine what "getting down to business" in your organization looks like. Ensure your teams are focusing on the right objectives and have clear goals. Set your team up for successful execution by focusing on these key areas:

Business Strategy

Demand Modeling

Market Analysis and Segmentation

Campaign Planning

Competitor Analysis


Aligning Teams and Tactics

Quota Allocation Modeling

How much demand exists in your market?

We create a dynamic dashboard to help you examine the total demand that exists in the market for your product or service. Our approach pairs your own data with 3rd party data to produce a thorough TAM analysis and dashboard - a crucial step for determining growth opportunities, profit potential, and target account lists.


Territory Design and ABM list

Segment your TAM the right way.

This dynamic dashboard powered by extensive 3rd party research ensures your sales team is targeting the right customers across geographies, industries, revenue bands, and more and your marketing team has the necessary intelligence to build the most accurate account-based-marketing list possible.

Generate accurate, achievable marketing targets.

Demand modeling helps reduce risks by determining the necessary lead volumes at all stages of the funnel needed to meet and exceed sales goals. Our proprietary model helps marketing and sales leaders produce accurate monthly targets for each channel, ensuring demand teams get started on time and stay on track all year long.

Demand Modeling screenshot.PNG
QAM screenshot.png

Set your sales quotas quickly and accurately.

After establishing compensation plans, setting and allocating quota is the most important objective for Sales leadership. Setting quota too high will cause sales to underperform and quota that is too low leads to overcompensation and negative margin impact. Consistency and modeling is key, but it doesn't need to take hundreds of hours each year or dozens of spreadsheets. Our proprietary modeling platform and process streamlines quota allocation modeling and ensures consistent, realistic targets that set your sales team up for a successful year.


Balanced Scorecard

Set your sales quotas quickly and accurately.

Build an OKR or VSG framework from your organizational strategy and objectives. We'll partner with you to determine the best KPIs and targets for each focus area and create a balanced scorecard dashboard to help your executive team manage progress and achieve your corporate strategy.

BSC screenshot.PNG

Talk to an expert.

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