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End-to-end pipeline design and build.

Automate, measure, and optimize your entire customer journey.

Organizations with more efficient lead follow-up are 7X more likely to close deals than their competition.

Fix your lead quality issues

By properly defining, building, and monitoring your lead management process from lead scoring to sales hand off, you drive both conversion rate improvements and insights into how to improve your customer journey.

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Marketing and sales alignment

The right definitions, automations, SLA's, and measurement will help you accomplish what most organizations can only dream of: sales and marketing alignment. Build the right revenue engine to act as an automated system for management and continuous improvement.

Drive impact with better visibility

With full visibility into your lead management and pipeline it enables step changes in efficiency and decision making. Identify problems instantly with industry benchmarks and double down on what's driving revenue without endless spreadsheets and manual reporting.

Optimax has an incredibly simple 3-step approach.

1. Lead funnel assessment

Lead Funnel Assessment graphic.PNG

2. Design and documentation

3. Implementation and training

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