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Marketing and sales analytics

Game-changing analytics and decision-making tools to revolutionize your business in just weeks.

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More than 72% of the customer buying process happens before prospects even speak to you — so how do you measure and maximize B2B sales and marketing efforts? That’s where Optimax can help you elevate your reporting to uncover hidden opportunities and smash your revenue targets.

Get all the right answers, instantly and at the tip of your fingers.

What is your campaign data telling you?

Answer all your marketing questions in one location, at a glance. By bringing together data across all your marketing platforms from organic and paid Social, SEO, Ads, Web, PR, and CRM you can not only view KPIs across every function of marketing and optimize your marketing mix, but tie it to offline, downstream conversions to measure ROI and revenue contribution. This is the last reporting tool you'll ever need.


Empower your sales teams to achieve targets.

Your command center to manage, coach, and lead your sales teams to crush your quota. See metrics around pipeline creation trends by source, quota coverage vs targets, quota attainment, leader boards, highlight deals at risk and filter by close dates, industries, owners, accounts, and more. Know where you'll end the quarter before you get there and have the detail needed to course correct.


Demystify the customer journey.

Research tells us that over 75% of the buying cycle occurs before customers ever approach you - so you have to know how customers are engaging with your brand every step of the way to understand how best to catch them in the act. More importantly, you need to know how to retain them after the purchase. Bring together several data sources so you know just how to approach them and when and discover the early predictors that reduce churn.


Talk to an expert.

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