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Marketing & Sales Analytics

3 game-changing analytics tools to revolutionize your business

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Marketing 360 Answer all your marketing questions in one location, at a glance. By bringing together data across all your marketing platforms from organic and paid Social, SEO, Ads, Web, PR, and CRM you can not only view KPIs across every function of marketing and optimize your marketing mix, but tie it to offline, downstream conversions to measure ROI and revenue contribution. This is the last reporting tool you'll ever need. Sales 360 Your command center to manage, coach, and lead your sales teams to crush your number. See metrics around pipeline creation trends by source, quota coverage vs target, quota attainment, leader boards, highlight deals at risk and filter by close dates, industries, owners, companies, and more. You'll have everything you need to know well before end of quarter where you'll end up and have the detail needed to course correct. Customer 360 Research tells us that 75%-80% of the purchase cycle occurs before customers ever approach you. You have to know what your customers are doing both online and as they engage with your marketing and sales teams to target in the appropriate way and at the appropriate time. To do this well, you have to bring together several data sources, which can take months, years, or never be done successfully. We do it in our sleep in a matter of weeks. Optimax Ultimate Revenue Analytics Platform Enjoy a discounted price when you purchase all 3 business intelligence solutions (Marketing 360, Sales 360, and Customer 360) that will allow you to manage every area of sales and marketing.

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