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CASE STUDY: Tech Stack Revamp

Who was the client?

A fast-growing, B2B technology company with just over 140 employees and nearly $20M in revenue.


The Marketing Team was struggling with systems integration and felt they were not using the proper tools to allow them to scale, but weren’t sure what to purchase and when.


Optimax performed a multi-point inspection of their tech stack, created and implemented a customized plan. Fixes included Google Analytics tracking, Google Tag manager, Pardot-to-SFDC data integration, removal of a web pop-up form that was causing spam, implementing a new ABM platform (6Sense), PRM system,, CRO software, Zoominfo integrated with SFDC, and Qlik for reporting, all in under 9 months.


Less technical debt, lead deduplication, reduced junk leads, triple-digit increase in Account engagement via the new ABM platform, drastic improvement in productivity of BDR team, improved lead conversion and experience on the website, and advanced analytics capabilities.

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