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We help B2B marketers to optimize their impact on revenue

See what’s working and what’s not, by automating your funnel process, tech stack, and reporting, so you can increase revenue without spending more money on marketing campaigns or hiring more sales people


We empower B2B marketers to improve marketing ROI, using our simple 5-step A.L.I.G.N. Revenue Engine™. We help you define and streamline the lead process, better integrate your other marketing tools, implement turnkey reporting, and provide continual  expert analytics. The result? Increase the return on your marketing investment ​in an easy and systematic way.



Because 68% of B2B marketers haven’t clearly defined their lead-to-revenue process.

Without a well-defined and automated funnel, marketers can’t track leads from start to finish, waste money on tactics that don’t work, miss out on potential revenue, and are not respected by sales and finance. The A.L.I.G.N. Revenue Engine™ ensures you have a streamlined process for your marketing and sales teams, a working tech stack, and the end-to-end reporting sitting on top of it needed to analyze and optimize results. Because every marketer deserves to have their results align with their investment.


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The A.L.I.G.N. Revenue Engine benefits the entire Revenue team. Your sales team will love the improved lead quality, increased pipeline, and lead-to-revenue visibility, and your CFO will praise your ability to easily measure and improve return on marketing investment.

Make Marketing and Sales Best Friends

Improve marketing and sales alignment by setting lead goals based on revenue contribution, collaborating on lead scoring and routing rules, and automating a feedback loop and SLAs within the lead follow-up process.

Meet and Exceed
Lead Gen Goals

Use lead volume, conversion rates, and velocity to create data-driven lead goals you can actually achieve. Smarter goals and regular reporting and monthly optimization analysis ensures you never miss targets again.

Tech Stack that finally
Saves Time and Money

Shine a light on technical debt, poor integrations, data inconsistencies, and underutilized tools. DIY the fixes as we guide you or we can do everything for you. Increase productivity, reduce manhours, and gain a competitive edge.

Get a Bigger
Marketing Budget

Stop wasted spend when you divert marketing dollars from programs that do not drive revenue to those that do. Marketers who can demonstrate positive and increasing ROI to finance enjoy budget increases and approvals next year.

Experts in Sales & Marketing Technology



Optimax is the rockstar foundation of any high performance marketing org.

They are the first hire any CMO makes. Brilliant sales and marketing operations leader. Analytics and financial management experts. Performance marketing insights. I’ve hired them twice and counting.

Van Diamandakis, CMO


Whether its doubling ROI, cost savings from newly optimized marketing technology, saving money from eliminating campaigns that don't generate pipeline, or improving your relationship with sales by having a clear lead hand-off process and aligning marketing goals to sales targets, the A.L.I.G.N. Revenue Engine™ pays for itself. 

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Analytics. Optimization. Results.

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